Hampton Roads Executive Airport
Hampton Roads Executive Airport   (757) 465-0260
5172 W. Military Highway, Chesapeake, VA 23321


Hampton Roads Executive Airport positively impacts the local community through its support of 14 aviation businesses based at the airport - flight schools, aerial photography, aviation maintenance and avionics, banner tow operations, corporate and business aviation activities, and recreational aviation.

Prevailance Aerospace

Phone: (800) 674-9925

Established in 2015 to counter the #1 cause of fatalities in aviation, Prevailance Aerospace trains pilots to recognize and recover from aircraft upsets and resulting unusual attitudes. As one of only two Part 141 providers of Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT), you can put your skills to the test using Extra 300 series aircraft.  Our team is comprised of highly experienced aviation professionals from various military and general aviation backgrounds who meet you at your current skill level and help you prepare for any given contingency. We also offer Part 141 CFI Spin Training and aviation support to corporate, government and university aviation entities.

Aerodyne Corporation

Phone: (757) 488-2898

  • Aircraft Annual Inspections
  • Aircraft Cylinder Repairs
  • Aircraft Engine Overhauls & Repairs
  • Airframe Repairs
  • Non-Destructive Inspections
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Millennium Engine Facility

Phone: (757) 655-6501

  • Private aircraft management
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft sales and service
  • Pilot services
  • Flight instruction

AEROGROUP Inc. is a private aircraft management company. Our clients are aircraft owners who recognize the convenience of air travel on their private planes but don't want the burden of piloting or maintaining the aircraft themselves. Their time IS money. Our motto is Show Up and Fly. For more information please visit our website or email info@flyaerogroup.com.

Aloft Aviation, LLC

Phone: (480) 363-6157

  • Phone: 480-363-6157 (FAA Part 91 operations)
  • Phone: 559-900-2770 (FAA Part 135 on-demand air charter services provided by JetsPlus)
  • charter@jetsplus.com
Backus Aerial Photography Inc.

Phone: (757) 488-0324

  • Accident Sites
  • Advertising
  • Real Estate Developments
  • Individual Residences
  • Industrial Progress Shots
  • Shipping

Professional Aerial Photography for Over 40 Years!

Chesapeake Bay Helicopters

Phone: (757) 465-9936

  • Sales/Service
  • Aerial Photography/Filming
  • Flight Training
  • Electronic News Gathering
  • Powerline/Pipeline Patrol
  • General Commercial Applications
  • Schweizer Helicopters piston and turbine
  • Authorized sales and repair facility - 3 or 4 seat configurations
eAviation & Drone Academy

Phone: (757) 286-0636

The eAviation & Drone Academy's purpose is to provide the Hampton Roads, Virginia community a central and convenient location to conduct classroom and flight training for workforce development purposes focused on the demands in the emerging UAS and Electric Aviation marketplace.

Three Core Focus Areas

  • Unmanned Aviation
    - Prep for FAA Part 107 UAS Operator Exam
    - Specialized Training for Select Use Cases
  • FBO Operations
    - Efficient FBO Operations for Today's General Aviation Market
  • Electric Aviation
    - Preparing the Labor Force for Aviation "Green Technologies"

Our Academy also support AAM Academic flight research from major universities, colleges, and schools.

Forgotten Heroes Foundation

Phone: (516) 610-0216

The Forgotten Heroes Foundation was founded to bring context and excitement to STEM education for middle school youngsters. Our staff consists of volunteers who are pilots, mechanics, programmers, engineers and teachers. All of them committed to community service for most of their lives. Over 90 percent served in the armed forces executing mission critical tasking in many of the areas and disciplines that they explore with our program participants.

Hampton Roads Charter Service

Phone: (757) 488-9044

Long standing and internationally respected Robinson Dealership and full-service aviation company for both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

  • Sales & leasing
  • Helicopter charter services
  • Flight instruction
  • Aerial photography & videography
  • Aerial tours
  • Special event support
  • Ferrying services
  • Airplane and helicopter hangaring
  • Maintenance
  • Aircraft management
  • Pilot services
Hampton Roads Helicopters

Phone: (757) 488-9044

  • Maintenance
  • Flight Instruction
  • Aircraft Sales and Leasing
  • Aerial Photography and Video
  • Charter Services
  • Aircraft Ferrying Services
  • Tours
  • Special Events
  • Aircraft Management
Long Hill Enterprises, LLC

Phone: (757) 647-8744

  • Aviation maintenance services
N-aviation Air, Inc.

Phone: (757) 435-4947

  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Repair
Norfolk Flight Center

Phone: (757) 405-0005

  • Synthetic Vision G1000/ GFC 700 Avionics
  • Newest Fleet at Hampton Roads Executive Airport
  • Most Experienced Instructors in the Area
  • Luxury Shuttle Service To and From Airplanes
  • Aircraft Detailing Services
Old School Flight School

Phone: (757) 848-6414

  • Leveraging military experience to provide excellent general aviation instruction
  • Private Pilot, Instrument, and Flight Instructor Training
  • Seeking new students and additional instructors with military experience
Aviation Fuel Services
Fueling Hours:
24 hours a day
Full Service: $6.79
Self Service: $6.29
Full Service: $5.29
Over 200gal: $5.09
$0.20 per gallon discount after the first 200 gallons of fuel. Prices include all taxes.
Last Updated: 06/19/24 9:22am

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